The Corvus Designs Story

Corvus Designs is a one-woman business, owned and operated out of the creators private workshop in Brisbane, Australia. Born from a love of Dark nature, music, art, history and an obsession with adorning oneself with jewellery. Corvus Designs is inspired by the fascinating, beautiful and macabre side of the world we live, with the creator loving to design and create one of a kind pieces that explore the beauty of dark and outre’ adornments.

Growing up in a small coastal town in Central Queensland, Australia, and being a battler of depression and anxiety, showed the creator that she wasn’t like the people that surrounded her. This moulded her to become the individual that she is today. She has always had an appreciation for the darker side, as darkness and difference pair so well together, and it always seemed fitting to retreat to a place inside where she felt she fit in, solidifying her love for music, art and walking in nature.

Art and Music has always been the creator's retreat as far back as she can remember, always drawing and painting alone in her room with the stereo playing. Her discovery of crafting jewellery also began at about the same age stringing bracelets and necklaces together using dental floss and seed beads. As the years have progressed, so has her love, knowledge and skill of jewellery crafting. Her skills improving with every piece created, she also prides herself on producing 100% handcrafted pieces. With every step in the production of pieces involving the human touch, ensuring the piece received by customers is original and unique.

Taking up the study of silversmithing in 2020 has helped her work to mature and become an offbeat take on heavy/ black metal aesthetics, featuring the traditional references like skulls, studs, chains and crosses, mixed with an underground twist of blackening the silver in some pieces and using gemstones and real ethically sourced and processed (by the artist) animal bones. The creator finds this process of using animal bones to create beautiful one of a kind pieces of jewellery as a  way of symbolising rebirth.

The creator, like most people, has always been fascinated and terrified by death. As a way to combat her sometimes crippling fear and mortality issues, she began practising yoga and collecting animal bones, feathers and shells etc. as a way to surround and remind herself that beauty can come from death. As the light needs the dark, the dark needs the light.

The work she creates through Corvus Designs has concreted her beliefs with the dualities of life and death, and helped her to form the belief that from death there is a chance of rebirth and beauty.